Lewis Jerry Lee - Another Place Another Tim

..time/she still comes around

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1. What's made milwaukee famous
2. Play me a song i can cry to
3. On the back row
4. Walking the floor over you
5. All night long
6. I'm a lonesome fugitive
7. Another place another time
8. Break my heart
9. Before the next teardrop falls
10. All the good is gone
11. We live in two different worlds
12. To make love sweeter for you
13. Let's talk about us
14. I can't get over you
15. Out of my mind
16. Today i started loving you again
17. She still comes around (to love what's left of me)
18. Louisiana man
19. Release me
20. Listen, they're playing my song
21. There stands the glass
22. Echoes

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