Hort Eikes Grafische - Hort

Die Gestalten Verlag (DGV) Hort
  • ISBN: 9783899550719
  • jazyk: angličtina
  • počet stran: 176
  • vazba: brožovaná
  • spisovatel: Hort Eikes Grafische
Jedno z nejvýznamnějších evropských grafických studií založené ve Frankfurtu je sítí pro spolupráci a experimenty v grafice na nejvyšší úrovni.

Hort, the German word for an after school center for kids, is also one of Europe’s most innovative design studios. True to its name, the Frankfurt-based company is organized around giving both its employees and a network of collaborators the opportunity to have fun, experiment and grow. The resulting work presented in this book is polarizing, relevant and truly inspiring.

Best known for their inventive projects for the music industry, the book contains an array of new and classic cover designs including those for acts such as Heaven 17 and labels from Sony to Motor Music. It also presents Hort’s corporate jobs for clients such as EXPN/ESPN, which blend type, illustration and photography to striking new effect.

As founder Eike König puts it, “our strength is in creating visual, bold, individual identities. Our work seeks direct contact with the consumer. It’s important for us to trigger a reaction.” This book shows just how successful they are at that.

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