Rivers Charlotte - Promo-Art

Rotovision Promo-Art
  • ISBN: 9782940361953
  • jazyk: čeština
  • počet stran: 160
  • vazba: vázaná
  • spisovatel: Rivers Charlotte
Features the best in international invitations, greetings, and business cards.

Following the success of the previous titles in the Art series, Promo-Art features the best in international card design, from business cards designed according to strict briefs, to invitations produced with total creative freedom. Detailed captions discuss how the considered use of artwork, typography, paper stock, and printing and finishing techniques can help you achieve successful promotional art.

More than any other form of print design, the physical quality of a card can have an impact on its recipient, opening up a whole field of input for the designer. Events promotions, festive celebrations, and greetings cards provide a welcome oportunity for playful interpretations in design. In-depth interviews reveal how leading designers achieve a happy balance between utilitarian constraints and artistic possibilities.

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