Bloodline - Bloodline (Collector's Edition)

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  • interpret: Bloodline
Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition / Fully Remastered Audio shaped from 24 bit digital technology / Joe Bonamassa’s first band / Includes ‘Stone Cold Hearted’, ‘Dixie Peach’ and ‘Trouble Is My Business’ / 16 page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork and new interview with Joe Bonamassa. Most of us see the blues as a respected musical style played by folks with serious talent. Invariably it is a musical form that attracts virtuoso players; especially guitarists. Bearing that in mind, Bloodline were a band of young yet seasoned members with impressive talents and a sound that should have propelled them to far greater heights than they actually achieved. The spotlight, of course, has subsequently been focussed on Joe Bonamassa, a guitar player that has lit up the blues world with his playing, making him, for some, the greatest player since Stevie Ray Vaughan. The rest of the band on this album are no musical slouches either and their roots are very impressive; bassist and vocalist Berry Oakley Jr. is the son of the Allman Brothers Band’s Berry Oakley, second guitarist Waylon Krieger is the son of Robby Krieger of the Doors and drummer Erin Davis is the son of jazz pioneer Miles Davis. That linage was certainly enough to turn heads but with the presence of the young and hotly tipped ‘Smokin’ Joe’ Bonamassa on lead guitar the band’s cachet shot through the roof. The appropriately named Bloodline recorded their debut (and only) album at Ardent Studios in Memphis with long time ZZ Top collaborator Joe Hardy tweaking the knobs and pushing the faders. The album features twelve songs of beautifully recorded and expressive blues rock which received, as you might expect, overwhelming praise at the time of release. Yet, despite a gallant effort to secure a foothold in the market, and support dates with ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd, lady luck failed to shine her light on the band leaving them to flounder and eventually split up.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Stone Cold Hearted
2. Dixie Peach
3. Cell Block 7
4. The Storm
5. The Good Luck You're Having
6. Honest Crime
7. So Far Away
8. Calling Me Back
9. Bad Girls
10. Since You're Gone
11. Trouble Is My Business
12. Get Off Your Back

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