Fripp Robert - Exposures (Limited Edition Bos Set 12" size - 32 Discs)

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32 Disc Boxed Set Cd, Dvd, Blu-Ray In A 12" Box

Ninth in a series of boxed sets collecting King Crimson/Robert Fripp material from 1969 to 2008, this is the single largest set in the series and one of the most comprehensive boxed sets devoted to a single period of an artist’s career released to date. Features the complete collection of Robert Fripp’s studio and live solo material from 1977-1983. Covers the period from the first Exposure sessions to the end of The League of Gentlemen and final Frippertronics concerts. Steven Wilson mixes of Exposure in (in two versions), Under Heavy Manners, The League of Gentlemen studio recordings and numerous unreleased tracks from the albums’ sessions appear in Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD 5.1 Surround and 24/96 hi-res stereo audio on Blu-Ray discs 1 and 4. David Singleton mixes of God Save the Queen, Let the Power Fall and the Washington Square Church Frippertronics album appear in DTS-HD Surround (Quad/4.1) and in hi-res stereo ranging from 24/48 (WSC), 24/96 GSTQ) to 24/192 (LTPF) on Blu-Ray discs 1 and 4. In addition, all editions and versions of Exposure (including previously unreleased), original masters of all of the albums from the period and a wealth of additional material, much of it previously unreleased appear on Blu-Ray in hi-res stereo audio on those discs. Two further Blu-Ray discs present the complete DGM archive of Frippertronics loops, masters and concert performances – over 68 hours of music in 24/48 hi-res stereo Three DVDs feature the main albums in 5.1, quad and hi-res stereo. Twenty five CDs present material including the earliest existing master loops, all of the albums in new Steven Wilson and David Singleton mixes, plus original mixes newly mastered and a number of studio and live discs featuring previously unreleased and/or music new to disc. All CDs included appropriate additional material. Presented in a 12” box containing extensive notes and photos from throughout this era and lots of memorabilia including tickets, posters, press releases and more. Disc 1 Major Loops I Disc 2 Major Loops II Disc 3 Major Loops III Disc 4 NYC: Exposure Master Loops and Lost in the Bush of Ghosts Disc 5 Last of the Great New York Heartthrobs, Plus: Exposure alt takes/rough mixes Disc 6 Exposure First Edition, Plus: Disc 7 Exposure Third Edition, Plus: Disc 8 Exposure Fourth Edition, 2021 Stereo Mix, Plus: Disc 9 Breathless or How I Gradually Internalised The Social Reality Of Manhattan Until It Seemed To Be A Very Reasonable Way Of Life, Plus: Disc 10 Frippertronics: The Kitchen, NYC, 5/2/78, Disc One Disc 11 Frippertronics: The Kitchen, NYC, 5/2/78, Disc Two Disc 12 Frippertronics: Wintergarden, Copenhagen, 18/5/79 and Polydor, Paris 23/5/79 Disc 13 Frippertronics: Le Pretzel Enchainé, Montreal 19/8/79 Disc 14 God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners 2021 remaster, Plus: Disc 15 Discotronics/UHM 2021: Disc 16 Under Heavy Management/Eurotronics Disc 17 The League of Gentlemen - Paradise Club, Boston, 26/6/80 (2nd show), Plus: Disc 18 Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx and The League of Gentlemen (1985 CD mixes) Disc 19 The League of Gentlemen - 2021 stereo mixes, Plus: Disc 20 Let The Power Fall, 2021, Plus: Disc 21 Washington Square Church, August 1981, 2021 mixes Disc 22 DVD: Exposure - Stereo editions and DTS Surround Sound Disc 23 DVD: God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners - expanded/The League of Gentlemen - Stereo/Quad/5.1 DTS Surround Sound (DTS 5.1 Surround Sound mixes by Steven Wilson) Disc 24 DVD: Let The Power Fall/Washington Square Church Disc 25 Exposure/Under Heavy Manners - Blu-Ray I Disc 26 The DGM Frippertronics' Archive Volume I - Blu-Ray II Disc 27 The DGM Frippertronics' Archive Volume II - Blu-Ray III Disc 28 Let The Power Fall/Washington Square Church/The League of Gentlemen Blu-Ray IV Disc 29 Resplendent in Divergence Disc 30 Blasts and Blasms - Sessions, Jams and Rehearsals Disc 31 More Blasts, More Blasms - Sessions, Jams and Rehearsals Disc 32 The League of Gentlemen - Royal Exeter, Bournemouth, 21/9/80, John Peel broadcast, 17/11/80

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