DeVicious - Phase Three -Digi-

  • katalogové číslo: MPR 0093
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: DeVicious
DeVicious is an international Hard & Melodic Rock band from Karlsruhe, Germany. With their two albums Never Say Never (2018) and Reflections (2019) they managed to get a big fan base in the Melodic Rock scene. They've toured with acts like HARDLINE, AMMUNITION or MAVERICK and played festivals like H.E.A.T FESTIVAL, INDOOR SUMMER FESTIVAL, ROCK 'N LOC or ROCKNACHT TENNWILL. On these festivals their new singer Antonio Calanna from Italy debuted and got the fans immediately by the balls with his energetic and professional performance. Phase Three is produced by band mastermind Alex Frey, mixed by Patrick Damiani in the Tidalwave Studios and mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering. The album includes all band trademarks like big arena melodies, bombastic choir arrangements and a very powerful production. Since they focused more on guitars this time, the album seems to be a bit more heavy then the previous ones. After Reflections was very successful on the international market with listing in more than 50 Album Of The Year rankings, the band hope to make the next step with album number three!!! Band: Antonio Calanna Vocals Radivoj Petrovic Guitar Alex Frey Bass Denis Kunz Keyboard Lars Nippa drums

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Seznam skladeb
1. Firefly 4:56
2. Mysterious 4:15
3. Pouring Rain 5:19
4. Walk Through Fire 5:01
5. Calling My Name 4:27
6. Burning Skies 5:12
7. Higher 5:08
8. Unstoppable Interlude 1:06
9. You Can't Stop Now 4:17
10. Our Song 4:32
11. Rising from a Thunder 4:21
12. Bad Timing 4:20

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