Hart Beth -Band- - Immortal

  • katalogové číslo: MOCCD 13515
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Hart Beth -Band-
The Beth Hart Band's 1996 debut, 'Immortal', went largely unnoticed, save for the few converts who snapped it up after they caught Hart's incendiary live performances. There are no proper adjectives in the English language to accurately describe the pure force of nature that is Beth Hart's voice. Backed by amazing musicians, Beth's voice reveals a powerful rebirth of rock and blues that she owns outright. If you close your eyes during 'Am I the One', you can envision the legendary artists of the past which inspired Beth. From the first rollicking track 'Run' to the tender longing of 'Hold Me Through The Night' and the dirty intensity of 'Burn Chile', 'Immortal' is a triumph of blues-rock at its best.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Run 4:08
2. Spiders in My Bed 4:44
3. Isolation 5:17
4. Hold Me Through the Night 4:08
5. State of Mind 2:51
6. Burn Chile 4:10
7. Immortal 4:23
8. Summer Is Gone 4:44
9. Ringing 3:06
10. God Bless You 3:10
11. Am I the One 6:39
12. Blame the Moon 2:43

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