Something For Kate - Desert Lights (Deluxe Edition 2CD)

20th Anniversary Reissue

Desert Lights was Something For Kate's 5th studio album, released in July 2006. Recorded in LA in 2005 and 2006, and produced by Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Ben Lee, Tortoise, Smashing Pumpkins), Something For Kate's fifth studio album 'Desert Lights' represents the band at the height of their creativity. Stripping back the production of 'The Official Ficition' and 'Echolalia', 'Desert Lights' fuses an intimate emotional depth with a stark aesthetic to capture the raw energy of SFK's live sound. The first single off the record was Cigarettes and Suitcases, and was followed by Oh Kamikaze, and California. Also included are live bootlegs from the original Limited Edition release of Desert Lights, recorded on SFK's Sci-Fi Sunsets Tour in May 2005 in support of the Cigarettes and Suitcases single release, as well as Paul's cover of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run. Finally, this package also includes the single The Futurist, recorded as part of their greatest hits release, The Murmur Years, released in 2007.

The 2nd disc will cover B sides relevant to each individual album. With most of these bonus tracks having been unavailable for years, these discs finally complete the full SFK picture that only the most devoted collector has had access to until now.

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Seznam skladeb
1. California
2. Down The Garden Path
3. Cigarettes And Suitcases
4. This Is The Life
5. A Fools History Pt 1
6. Oh Kamikaze
7. Impossible
8. Transpararanoia
9. Statues
10. Washed Out To Sea
1. Three Dimensions (Live At The Zoo) (Taken From The Desert Li
2. Hawaiian Robots (Live At The Zoo) (Taken From The Desert Lig
3. Prick (Live At The Zoo) (Taken From The Desert Lights Deluxe
4. Pinstripe (Live At The Zoo) (Taken From The Desert Lights De
5. Deja Vu (Live At The Zoo) (Taken From The Desert Lights Delu
6. Born To Run (Solo) (Taken From The Desert Lights Deluxe Edit
7. The Actor Makes His Move (B-side Taken From The 'cigarettes
8. The Killing Moon (B-side Taken From The 'cigarettes And Suit
9. Prick (Live At The Pow) (Taken From The 'cigarettes And Suit
10. Airport Kid (B-side Taken From The 'oh Kamikaze' Single)
11. The Amazing Machine That Does Not Work (Demo Version) (B-sid
12. Close To You (B-side Taken From The 'oh Kamikaze' Single)
13. Cassandra Walks The Plank (B-side Taken From The 'california
14. Rock The Casbah (B-side Taken From The 'california' Single)
15. Oh Kamikaze (T Rek Remix) (B-side Taken From The 'california
16. 'the Futurist' (New Track Taken From The 'the Murmur Years'

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