Burdon Eric & The Animals - Love Is

CD reissue. In the late sixties, the Flower Power movement, 'Peace, Love, & Freedom' was rooted in opposition to the Vietnam War. Love Is, originally released as a double vinyl album in 1968, was Eric Burdon & the Animals' most ambitious effort and it very much epitomizes that period. It's a recording that truly reflects it's times with equal amounts of great musicianship and inspiration. Seven and a half minutes of 'River Deep, Mountain High' opens the album, there's June Carter-Cash's 'Ring Of Fire' and the final piece is the seventeen minutes 'Gemini'/'The Madman (Running Through The Fields)' by Zoot Money and a very young upcoming guitar virtuoso named Andy Summers.

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Seznam skladeb
1. River Deep, Mountain High
2. I'm An Animal
3. I'm Dying, or Am I?
4. Ring of Fire
5. Coloured Rain
6. To Love Somebody
7. As the Years Go Passing By
8. Gemini
9. The Madman (Running Through the Fields)

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