Browns - Complete Pop & Country Hits

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Every hit - both pop and country - notched by the #1 country singing group of the late 50s and early 60s! The brother-and-sister trio of Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie Brown personified two trends in popular music at the time, the rise of the lush Nashville Sound and the na- tional craze for folk music, and as a result they crossed over from the country charts into pop stardom. Never before had the homespun harmonies of country music sounded so smooth and downright commercial; add to that the Browns' clean-cut image and you had an act ripe for superstardom in late- 50s America. All 24 of their hits (billed variously as the Browns, Jim Edward & Maxine Brown, and the Browns Featuring Jim Edward Brown) are here, with pictures and annotation by Grammy-winner Colin Escott. The most complete Browns hit collection ever compiled!

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1. Looking Back To See #8 Country Hit
2. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow #7 Country Hit
3. I Take The Chance #2 Country Hit
4. Just As Long As You Love Me #11 Country Hit
5. Money #15 Country Hit
6. I Heard The Bluebirds Sing #4 Country Hit
7. Would You Care? #13 Country Hit
8. Beyond The Shadow #11 Country Hit
9. The Three Bells (les Trios Cloches) #1 Pop Hit, #1 Country H
10. Scarlet Ribbons (for Her Hair) #13 Pop Hit, #7 Country Hit
11. The Old Lamplighter #5 Pop Hit, #20 Country Hit
12. Teen-Ex #47 Pop Hit
13. Blue Christmas #97 Pop Hit
14. Ground Hog #97 Pop Hit
15. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On #56 Pop Hit, #23 Country Hit
16. Oh, No! #42 Country Hit
17. Then I'll Stop Loving You #12 Country Hit
18. Everybody's Darlin', Plus Mine #40 Country Hit
19. Meadowgreen #46 Country Hit
20. I'd Just Be Fool Enough #16 Country Hit
21. Coming Back To You #19 Country Hit
22. I Hear It Now #54 Country Hit
23. Big Daddy #52 Country Hit
24. I Will Bring You Water #64 Country Hit

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