AC/DC - AC/DC The Story: The Definitive Collection (Unauthorised)

  • katalogové číslo: VVE 767
  • délka: 260 min
  • formát obrazu: PAL
  • region: All
  • původ: import
  • interpret: AC/DC
With over 40 years service to music now under their collective belts, AC/DC - arguably the finest rock band of all time - are not just an institution, they are a way of life. And for those who have walked alongside this magnificent group for any length of time within this period, the road, it must appear, goes on forever. This 4 DVD set celebrates and documents AC/DC's musical career from the days when the early line-up could be found playing the backrooms of pubs in Australia's outback, with the mighty Bon Scott fronting the group, to the most recent tours and recordings with Brian Johnson at the helm. With mountains of rare footage, incredible archive material, new and classic interviews, contributions from those who have worked and played alongside the group, and a host of other features, this set is certain to become the standard documentary work on this most legendary of musical collectives.

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