Sedaka Neil - Songbook

  • katalogové číslo: NOT2CD 555
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Sedaka Neil

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Seznam skladeb
1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
3. Little Devil
4. All I Need Is You
5. Fallin'
6. Stupid Cupid
7. Moon Of Gold
8. Forty Winks Away
9. Don't Lead Me On
10. King Of Clowns
11. As Long As I Live
12. The Diary
13. The Girl For Me
14. I Must Be Dreaming
15. You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm And Blues
16. What Am I Gonna Do?
17. Ring A Rockin'
18. While I Dream
19. Smile
20. Oh Delilah
21. Crying My Heart Out For You
22. You're Knocking Me Out
23. Another Sleepless Night
24. You Mean Everything To Me
25. Oh, Carol
1. Calendar Girl
2. Next Door To An Angel
3. Stairway To Heaven
4. One Way Ticket (to The Blues)
5. Circulate
6. Run Samson Run
7. Going Home To Mary Lou
8. No Vacancy
9. I Ain't Hurtin' No More
10. I Go Ape
11. Laura Lee
12. The Same Old Fool
13. I Belong To You
14. Sweet Little You
15. I Found My World In You
16. Fly Don't Fly On Me
17. Walk With Me
18. All The Way
19. We Kiss In A Shadow
20. I Waited Too Long
21. Il Re Dei Pagliacci (king Of Clowns)
22. Heute Sind Es Trdume (i Must Be Dreaming)
23. Finche' 'vivro (as Long As I Live)
24. Crazy Daisy (little Devil)
25. Tu Non Lo Sai (breaking Up Is Hard To Do)

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