Red Piano - Doctor's In! Piano Red A.k.a. Dr. Feelgood (4CD)

Red Piano Doctor's In! Piano Red A.k.a. Dr. Feelgood (4CD)
  • katalogové číslo: DI 15685
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Red Piano
4-CD box (LP-size) with 20-page book, 122 tracks. Playing time approx. 301 mns.

For pure enjoyment, for simple rockin' good music, nothing can match Willie Perryman a.k.a. Piano Red a.k.a. Doctor Feelgood. He was an albino R&B singer from Georgia, and he played his piano like a jackhammer and belted out his songs. He was unlike anyone else on the planet. Here are his RCA/Groove recordings from the '50s, including Rockin' With Red (She Sure Can Rock Me), Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo, She Walks Right In, Decatur Street Boogie, and Woo-Eee. Then we have the ultra-rare Chess and Jax sessions, and the highly prized '60s OKeh sides that include the original versions of Doctor Feelgood and Mister Moonlight, the latter written by his guitar player, Roy Lee Johnson, and covered by the Beatles.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Jumpin' The Boogie
2. Rockin' With Red
3. Let's Have A Good Time Tonight
4. Red's Boogie
5. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
6. My Gal Jo
7. Baby, What's Wrong
8. Well, Well Baby
9. Just Right Bounce
10. Diggin' The Boogie
11. Layin' The Boogie
12. Bouncin' With Red
13. It Makes No Difference Now
14. Hey Good Lookin'
15. Count The Days I'm Gone
16. My Boogie
17. The Sales Tax Boogie
18. Voo Doopee Doo
19. Daybreak
20. She Walks Right In
21. I'm Gonna Tell Everybody
22. I'm Gonna Rock Some More
23. She's Dynamite
24. Everybody's Boogie
25. Your Mouth's Got A Hole In It
26. Right & Ready
27. Taxi, Taxi, 6963
28. Decatur Street Boogie
29. Sober
30. She Knocks Me Out
31. Going Away Baby
32. Chitlin' Hop
33. Decatur Street Blues
34. I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes
35. Big Rock Joe From Kokomo
36. Pay It No Mind
37. Jump Man Jump
38. Do She Love Me
39. She Knocks Me Out
40. Peachtree Parade
41. Red's Blues
42. Six O'clock Bounce
43. Jumpin' With Daddy
44. Gordy's Rock
45. Real Good Thing
46. Goodbye (& The Four Students)
47. Please Tell Me Baby
48. You Were Mine For Awhile
49. Sweetest Little Something (Ol' Man River)
50. Since I Fell For You
51. Woo-ee
52. Rock, Baby
53. Teach Me To Forget
54. Wild Fire
55. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
56. South
57. Coo Cha
58. Dixie Roll
59. Boston Scored
60. One Glimpse Of Heaven
61. Blues Blues
62. Work With It
63. Eighter From Decatur
64. Please Come Back Home
65. Comin' On
66. Ain't Nobody's Fool (& Bertha Colbert)
67. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
68. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
69. Umph-umph-umph
70. Got You On My Mind
71. It's Time To Boogie
72. That's My Desire
73. Teen-age Bounce
74. Pay It No Mind
75. Hey Good Lookin'
76. I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes
77. Rockin' With Red
78. Get Up Mare (With Dubbed Handclaps)
79. 1, 2, 3
80. My Baby
81. Rock & Roll Boogie
82. Nighttime
83. So Worried
84. Blues, Blues
85. (Studio Chatter)
86. Boogie Re-bop
87. This Old World
88. I Feel Good
89. Talk To Me (Meter-tones & Curtis Smith)
90. Believe In Me (Meter-tones & Curtis Smith)
91. Guitar Walk
92. I've Been Rockin'
93. Rockin' With Red
94. So Shook Up (& Curtis Smith)
95. Doctor Feel-good
96. Mister Moonlight
97. The Swabble
98. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
99. I'll Be Home One Day
100. Sea Breeze
101. I Ain't Gonna Be A Lowdown Dog No More
102. Don't Let Me Catch You Wrong
103. What's Up Doc
104. I'll Give Anything
105. Love Is Amazing
106. Bald-headed Lena
107. I Feel Good
108. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
109. The Same Old Things Keep Happening
110. Let's Have A Good Time Tonight
111. My Gal Jo
112. Blang Dong
113. I Don't Mind
114. I'm Gonna Rock Some More
115. The Doctor's Boogie
116. Let The House Rock On
117. Doctor Of Love
118. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
119. Good Guys
120. Goodbye (I Can't Forget)
121. Don't Tell Me No Dirty
122. Where Did You Go

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