Laswell Bill - Temporary Music / One Down / Into The Outlands

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  • interpret: Laswell Bill
On 'One Down' Funk-Bass master Bill Laswell with guests like drummer Yogi Horton, guitarist Nile Rodgers and singers Nona Hendryx and Whitney Houston (just before she became a superstar on her own), didn't have much chance to go wrong with this what became a Material super band. Check out Archie Shepp's squalling sax solo on the Houston vehicle "Memories." The 'Temporary Music 1' EP was recorded in 1979 and the 'Temporary Music 2' EP in 1980. The two EPs were compiled together for Material's debut album. Bill Laswell's 'Into The Outlands' with Ronald Shannon Jackson was recorded live in Japan and originally released in Japan in 1988 under the artist name SXL.

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Seznam skladeb
1. O.A.O.
2. White Man
3. On Sadism
4. Process/Motion
5. Discourse
6. Slow Murder
7. Secret Life
8. Reduction
9. Heritage
10. Dark Things
11. Detached
12. Ciquiri
1. Take A Chance
2. I'm The One
3. Time Out
4. Let Me Have It All
5. Come Down
6. Holding On
7. Memories
8. Don't Lose Control
9. Busting Out
1. Voice Of Thunder
2. Speed Of Light

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