V/A - 40 Year Anniversary - 40 Greatest Recordings

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It’s time to take a moment and be grateful: It’s been 40 years that the Capriccio label has produced records – through and despite all the upheavals and vast market shifts in the recording industry over the last decades. As a new label producing LPs and tapes in 1982, it was our release of the first digital Beethoven symphony cycle with the Dresden Philharmonic and Herbert Kegel (issued on CD two years later) that first turned heads. Today, Capriccio’s catalogue includes well over 1,000 titles with repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary composers, full of re-discoveries and world premieres, and performed by a steadily growing roster of internationally renowned artists. Time to celebrate? Absolutely. But also time to reflect on the fact that, in the midst of the current digital revolution, it’s no longer a given that labels can continuously produce and publish classical recordings. Therefore, this is also the time to acknowledge both our artists, our support teams operating in the background all over the world, and the encouragement and help we have received from so many people that has fuelled the continuity and success of our label. Happy Birthday to us all!' – Johannes Kernmayer, label director, Capriccio.

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V/A - bestselery:

V/A - Zyx Italo Disco Collection 3

Vydavatel: Zyx | Vydáno: 14.7.2005

Cena: 629 Kč

V/A - Cafe Cuba - 50 Original Cuban Classics

Vydavatel: Not Now | Vydáno: 7.9.2010

Cena: 239 Kč

V/A - Essential Bluegrass Anthology

Vydavatel: Not Now | Vydáno: 30.6.2008

Cena: 239 Kč

Nejbližší tituly v katalogu:

Kevlar - Agitators Of The Mind

Vydavatel: Unrest | Vydáno: 10.5.2021

Cena: 567 Kč

Have Blue - Learning To Die

Vydavatel: Nasoni | Vydáno: 12.5.2021

Cena: 434 Kč