Owens Buck - Essential

  • katalogové číslo: NOT2CD 427
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Owens Buck

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Seznam skladeb
1. The One You Slip Around With
2. 'til These Dreams Come True
3. I'll Give My Heart To You
4. I Gotta Right To Know
5. My Everlasting Love
6. There Goes My Love
7. Sweethearts In Heaven
8. It Don' T Show On Me
9. Three Dimension Love
10. You' Re Fer Me
11. Hot Dog
12. Rhythm And Booze -As Corky Jones
13. Down On The Corner Of Love -As Corky Jones
14. Why Don't Mommy Stay With Daddy And Me
15. Blue Love
16. Country Girl
17. House Down The Block
18. I Will Love You Always
19. Higher And Higher And Higher
20. Right After The Dance
21. When I Hold You
22. Please Don't Taker Her From Me
23. That Ain' T Right Baby
1. Foolin' Around
2. Under The Influence Of Love
3. Excuse Me (i Think I've Got A Heartache)
4. Above And Beyond
5. Under Your Spell Again
6. Second Fiddle
7. Heartaches By The Number
8. Bad Bad Dream
9. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
10. I'll Take A Chance On Loving You
11. Think It Over
12. Heartaches For A Dime
13. High As The Mountains
14. I'll Catch You When You Fall
15. Nobody's Fool Buy Yours
16. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
17. Keeper Of The Key
18. Take Me Back Again
19. Keys In The Mailbox
20. Tired Of Livin'
21. Let's Agree To Disagree
22. Walk The Floor
23. Lyin' Again

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Owens Buck - bestselery:

Owens Buck - Open Up Your Heart

Vydavatel: Bear Family | Vydáno: 29.3.2010

Cena: 4679 Kč

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