Price Ray - Honky Tonk Years '50-'66

  • katalogové číslo: JK 15843
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Price Ray
8cd box + book

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Seznam skladeb
1. Jealous lies
2. Your wedding corsage
3. If you're ever lonely darling
4. I saw my castles fall today
5. You've got my troubles now
6. I get the short end every time
7. Hey la la
8. The answer to the last letter'
9. Till death do us part
10. Beyond the last mile
11. Heart aching blues
12. Weary blues (from waiting)
13. I made a mistake & i'm sorry
14. We crossed our heart
15. Your heart is too crowded
16. I lost the only love i knew
17. I've got to hurry, hurry, hurry
18. Talk to your heart
19. I know i'll never win your love again
20. The road of no return
21. You're under arrest (for stealing my heart)
22. Move on in & stay
23. I can't escape from you
24. Won't you please be mine
25. Don't let the stars get in your eyes
26. My old scrapbook
27. The priece for loving you
28. That's what i get for loving you
29. Cold shoulder
30. You weren't ashamed to kiss me last night
31. The wrong side of town
32. Time
33. Start the music
34. Gone again
35. The way you've treated me
36. Time
37. The wrong side of town
38. Who stole that train
39. Let your heart decide
40. You always get by
41. Leave her alone
42. The wall around your heart
43. Release me
44. I'll be there (if you ever want me)
45. The last letter
46. Much too young to die
47. I love you so much i let you go
48. I could love you more
49. What if he don't love you
50. If you don't, somebody else will
51. I'm alone because i love you
52. Oh yes darling
53. One broken heart (don't mean a thing)
54. Sweet little miss blue eyes
55. The way she got away
56. Let me talk to you
57. Call the lord & he'll be there
58. A man called peter
59. As strange as it seems (i still love you)
60. I can't go home like this
61. Don't you know me any more
62. I don't want it on my conscience
63. Run boy
64. You never will be true
65. Don't tempt me
66. Slowly dying
67. Crazy arms
68. You done me wrong
69. Wild & wicked world
70. Crazy
71. Are you wasting my time
72. Fallin', fallin', fallin'
73. Wasted words
74. Fallin', fallin', fallin'
75. Wasted words
76. I've got a new heartache
77. Don't do this to me
78. Letters have no arms
79. I'll sail my ship alone
80. A mansion on the hill
81. I can't help it
82. Remember me (i'm the one who loves you)
83. I saw my castles fall today
84. Let me talk to you
85. Please don't leave me
86. Blues stay away from me
87. Pins & needles (in my heart)
88. I love you because
89. Many tears ago
90. I'll be there (when you get lonely)
91. It's all your fault
92. My shoes keep walking back to you
93. Faded love
94. Gone
95. Bye bye love
96. Four walls
97. A fallen star
98. It's all your fault
99. My shoes keep walking back to you
100. Don't do this to me
101. Walls of tears
102. Curtain in the window
103. Talk to your conscience
104. There'll be no teardrops tonight
105. Driftwood on the river
106. Deep water
107. I'll keep on loving you
108. I love you so much, it hurts
109. I told you so
110. Ice cold heart
111. I've gotta have my baby back
112. Please don't leave me
113. Talk to your heart
114. I'm tired
115. Wondering
116. Walkin' the floor
117. Invitation to the blues
118. I've got to know
119. Heartaches must be your name
120. City lights (take 3)
121. Kissing your picture (is so cold)
122. That's what its like to be lonesome
123. Punish me tomorrow
124. Heartaches by the number
125. Wild & wicked world
126. Beyond the last mile
127. The same old me
128. Under your spell again
129. Broken hearts will haunt your soul
130. One more time
131. Who'll be the first
132. City lights (alt)
133. The old rugged cross
134. In the garden
135. How big is god
136. Until then
137. Help though my unbelief
138. When i take my vacation in heaven
139. Faith
140. Rock of ages
141. Softy & tenderly
142. When the roll is called up yonder
143. Just as i am
144. Where he leads me (i will follow)
145. Now the day is over
146. I can't run away from myself
147. I wish i could fall in love today
148. Heart over mind
149. The twenty-fourth hour
150. Walkin' slow (and thinking 'bout her)
151. Soft rain
152. Here we are again
153. You're stronger than me
154. This cold war with you
155. Soft rain
156. Imagination's wonderful thing
157. Walkin' slow (and thinking 'bout her)
158. Soft rain (overdub)
159. Intro/san antonio rose
160. A maiden's prayer
161. My confession
162. Whose heart are you breaking now
163. Roly poly
164. Bubbles in my beer
165. Home in san antone
166. You don't love me (but i'll asways care)
167. You don't care what happens to me
168. Time changes everything
169. The kinda of love i can't forget
170. Hang your head in shame/outro
171. Intro/night life
172. Lonely street
173. The wild side of life
174. Sittin' & thinkin'
175. A girl in the night
176. There's no fool like a young fool
177. If she could see me now
178. Bright lights & blonde haired women
179. Are you sure
180. Let me talk to you
181. This cold war with you
182. I've just destroyed the world
183. Walkin' slow (and thinking 'bout her)
184. Pride
185. Big shoes
186. Walk me to the door
187. You took her off my hands
188. Be a good girl
189. Make the world go away
190. I'll find a way (to free myelf of you)
191. Make the world go away
192. Let me talk to you
193. I'll find a way (to free myself of you)
194. I've still got room (for one more heartaches)
195. That's all that matters
196. Burning memories
197. Each time
198. A way to free myself
199. How long is forever
200. This cold war with you
201. Take me as i am (or let me go)
202. All right (i'll sign the papers)
203. I fall to pieces
204. Please talk to my heart
205. Cold, cold heart
206. Still
207. I don't know why (i keep loving you)
208. Same old memories
209. Here comes my baby back again
210. Together again
211. A thing called sadness
212. Soft rain
213. Release me
214. Devils's dream
215. Linda lou
216. Crazy arms
217. Lil'liza jane
218. Rubber dolly
219. Burnt fingers
220. Twinkle, twinkle little star
221. Maiden's prayer
222. Your old loveletters
223. Spanish two step
224. Liberty bells
225. Sing a sad song
226. The other woman
227. Tearful earful
228. The last letter
229. Born to lose
230. Just call me lonesome
231. Don't you ever get tired of hurting me
232. Funny how time slips away
233. Rose colored glasses
234. Unloved, unwanted
235. An eye for an eye
236. Too much love is spoiling you
237. After effects (from loving you)
238. Let me talk to you
239. I'm not crazy yet
240. A way to survive
241. Another bridge to burn
242. A legend in my time
243. Take these chains in my heart
244. Don't touch me
245. Go away
246. I'd fright the world
247. I want to hear it from you
248. It should be easier now
249. Don't you believe her
250. Healing hands of time
251. Too late
252. Each time
253. Touch my heart
254. There goes my everything
255. It's only love
256. You took my happy away
257. I lie a lot
258. Enough to lie
259. Swinging doors
260. Am i that easy to forget
261. The same two lips
262. Just for the record
263. Touch my heart
264. I'm still not over you
265. I let my mind wander
266. Danny boy

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