Osborne Brothers - 1968-1974 - Box

  • katalogové číslo: DI 15748
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Osborne Brothers
4cd box + book

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1. I'll never love another
2. I'll go steppin' too
3. Will you be lovin' another man
4. I'll never shed another tear
5. My little girl in tenessee
6. Molly & tenbrokks
7. Drivin' nails in my coffin
8. World of forgotten people
9. Cut the cornbread, mama
10. If i could count on you
11. I bowed on my knees & cried holy
12. Steal away & pray
13. Will you meet me over yonder
14. Where we'll never grow old
15. Medals for mother
16. Hide me o blest rock of ages
17. I pray my way out of trouble
18. How great thou art
19. What a friend we have in jesus
20. Jesus sure changed me
21. Light at the river
22. That was yesterday
23. A working man
24. Banjo ringing saturday night
25. Thanks for all the yesterdays
26. Midnight angel
27. Son of a sawmill man
28. No good son of a gun
29. There'll be no teardrops tonight
30. You win again
31. Blue moon of kentucky
32. Where does the good times go
33. Put it off until tomorrow
34. Flyin' south
35. Will you visit me on sundays
36. Nine pound hammer
37. When the grass grows over me
38. Tennessee hound dog
39. Somebody's back in town
40. Beneath still waters
41. Ruby are you mad?
42. Siempre
43. Searching for yesterday
44. Listening to the rain
45. Georgia piney woods
46. The fightin' side of me
47. Let me be the first to know
48. Windy city
49. Kawliga
50. My sweet love ain't around
51. You're running wild
52. My old kentucky home
53. Tennessee stud
54. My heart would know
55. Muddy bottom
56. Color me lonely
57. Take me home country roads
58. Tears are no strangers
59. Oh, the pain of loving you
60. Unfaithful one
61. Ballad of forty dollars
62. Tomorrow never comes
63. Sometimes you just can't win
64. Shelly's winter love
65. I wonder why you said goodbye
66. Tunnel of your mind
67. Eight more miles to louisville
68. Love lifted me
69. Stand beside me, behind me
70. Miss you mississippi
71. Teardrops will kiss the morning dew
72. Long lanky woman
73. Knoxville girl
74. Wash my face in the morning dew
75. Love's gonna live here
76. Today i started loving you again
77. Arkansas
78. Fireball mail
79. Midnight flyer
80. How long does it take (to be a stranger)
81. Blue heartache
82. Wabash cannonball
83. Try me one more time
84. Back to the country roads
85. The condition of samuel wilder's will
86. Tears
87. You're heavy on my mind
88. Checkin' her over
89. Lizzie lou
90. Side saddle
91. High on a hilltop
92. Sledd ridin'
93. Walk softly on the bridges
94. The 7th of december
95. Fastest grass alive
96. Bluegrass melodies
97. We're holding on (to what we used to be)
98. Heartache looking for a home
99. M.a. special
100. I'm not that good at goodbye
101. Grandpa john
102. Little trouble
103. A born ramblin' man
104. Here today & gone tomorrow
105. El randa
106. In case you ever change your mind
107. Don't let the smokey mountain smoke get in...
108. Summertime is past & gone
109. Highway headin' south

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