Lynn Loretta; Howard Jan - Honky Tonk Girls - Complete Recordings 1958-1962

Jasmine's commitment to classic country music has never been in doubt. This month we introduce a new series that focuses on the great country ladies of the 50s and early 60s, with a superb compilation that brings together the early recordings of two of the genre's more revered artists - Loretta Lynn and Jan Howard.

Loretta and Jan (wife of noted songwriter Harlan Howard) both made their first records in the late 1950s and happily, both are still alive and still occasionally releasing new music in the 21st century.

In this collection you will find the tracks on which both women built their reputations - among them all of Loretta's early sides for the small Zero label, and all of Jan's solo recordings for Challenge and Sundown. The tracks include many early hits by both, including 'I'm A Honky Tonk Girl' and 'Success' from Loretta and 'The One You Slip Around With' and 'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down' from Jan.

The style of these tracks and others here is pure unadulterated honky tonk with fiddles, steel guitars and none of the smoothing or sweetening that 'The Nashville Sound' was built around. They sound all the better for it!

Two living legends paid tribute to here in one great collection - remastered, as always, from the finest available sources! - and a shoo-in for a warm response from all who enjoy vintage country music as it's supposed to sound.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Whispering Sea - Loretta Lynn
2. I'm A Honky Tonk Girl - Loretta Lynn
3. Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues - Loretta Lynn
4. New Rainbow - Loretta Lynn
5. The Darkest Day - Loretta Lynn
6. Gonna Pack My Troubles - Loretta Lynn
7. I Walked Away From The Wreck - Loretta Lynn
8. The Girl That I Am Now - Loretta Lynn
9. Success - Loretta Lynn
10. A Hundred Proof Heartache - Loretta Lynn
11. World Of Forgotten People - Loretta Lynn
12. Get Set For A Heartache - Loretta Lynn
13. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down - Jan Howard
14. Weeping Willow (Weep For Me) - Jan Howard
15. Make An Honest Woman Out Of Me - Jan Howard
16. I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again - Jan Howard
17. The One You Slip Around With - Jan Howard
18. If Your Conscience Can't Stop You (How Can I) - Jan Howard
19. Many Dreams Ago - Jan Howard
20. I've Got My Pride - Jan Howard
21. A World I Can't Live In - Jan Howard
22. All Alone Again - Jan Howard
23. Too Many Teardrops Too Late - Jan Howard
24. Careless Hands - Jan Howard
25. Let Me Know - Jan Howard
26. My Baby's In Berlin - Jan Howard
27. Bring It Back To Me - Jan Howard
28. Why? - Jan Howard
29. Ages And Ages Ago - Jan Howard
30. Jealous Love - Jan Howard

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