Tubb Ernest - Yellow Rose Of Texas

  • katalogové číslo: EI 15688
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Tubb Ernest
5cd box & book

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Seznam skladeb
1. Till we two are one
2. Your mother, your darling, your friend
3. Baby your mother
4. Jealous loving heart
5. Two glasses, joe
6. The woman's touch
7. Journey's end
8. Kansas city blues
9. Lonely christmas eve
10. I'll be walking the floor this christmas
11. Have you seen my boogie woogie baby
12. It's a lonely world
13. I got the blues for mammy
14. A million miles from here
15. The yellow rose of texas
16. Answer the phone
17. The honeymoon is over
18. Thirty days
19. Doorstep to heaven
20. Will you be satisfied that way
21. Steppin' out
22. If i never have anything else
23. So doggone lonesome
24. Old love letters
25. Jimmie rodgers last blue yodel
26. Travelin' blues
27. You're the only good thing
28. I've got the blues for mammy
29. I dreamed of an old love affair
30. In her own peculiar way
31. Mississippi gal
32. There's no fool like a young fool
33. I knew the moment i lost you
34. You're breaking my heart
35. When a soldier knocks & finds nobody home
36. This troubled mind o mine
37. My hillbilly baby
38. Daisy may
39. Loving you is my weakness
40. Treat her right
41. I want you to know (i love you)
42. Don't forbid me
43. God's eyes
44. My treasure
45. Leave me (& the wilburn bros)
46. Mister love (& the wilburn bros)
47. I always went through
48. Go home
49. Hey mr. bluebird (& the wilburn bros)
50. How do we know (& the wilburn bros)
51. House of glass
52. Heaven help me
53. Tangled mind
54. Home of the blues
55. I found my girl in the usa
56. Geisha girl
57. I wonder why i worry over you
58. Deep purple blues
59. Please keep me in mind
60. Deep purple blues
61. Please keep me in mind
62. I wonder why i worry over you
63. I'm a long gone daddy
64. Your cheatin' heart
65. Don't trade your old fashioned sweetheart
66. It makes no difference now
67. San antonio rose
68. I always went through
69. I want you to know i love you
70. That my darlin' is me
71. I'll get along somehow
72. Educated mama
73. I'm waiting for ships that never come in
74. Half a mind
75. Next time
76. Goodbye sunshine, hello blues
77. It's the age that makes the difference
78. What am i living for
79. The next voice you hear
80. All of those yesterdays
81. Walkin' the floor over you
82. When the world has turned you down
83. I'll always be glad to take you back
84. It's been so long darlin'
85. Careless darlin'
86. Though the days were only seven
87. Last night i dreamed
88. Slippin' around
89. I love you because
90. There's nothing more to say
91. There's a little bit of everything in texas
92. You nearly lose your mind
93. Blue christmas
94. Don't rob another man's castle
95. What i know about her/i cried a tear
96. Let's say goodbye like we said hello
97. Driftwood on the river
98. I wonder why you said goodbye
99. Tomorrow never comes
100. Filipino baby
101. I'd rather be
102. Letters have no arms
103. Rainbow at midnight
104. Have you ever been lonely
105. I will miss you when you go
106. I'd rather be
107. Live it up
108. So why should i care
109. Accidently on purpose
110. Do it now
111. He'll have to go
112. Mister blues
113. The kind of love she gave to me
114. Pick me up on your way down
115. This ain't the blues (instrumental)
116. You win again
117. I believe i'm entitled to you
118. A guy named joe
119. Who will buy the wine
120. Why i'm walkin'
121. White silver sands
122. Am i that easy to forget
123. Ev'rybody's somebody's fool
124. Let the little girl dance
125. Candy kisses
126. It happened when i really needed you
127. Wondering
128. Cold, cold heart
129. Four walls
130. Bouquet of roses
131. Crazy arms
132. I love you so much it hurts
133. I walk the line
134. Little ole band of gold
135. Wabash cannonball
136. I'm movin' on
137. Tennessee saturday night
138. Signed, sealed & delivered
139. Thoughts of a fool
140. Girl from abilene
141. The same thing as me
142. Christmas is just another day
143. I hate to see you go
144. I'm sorry now
145. What will you tell them
146. It is no secret
147. Don't just stand there
148. Big blue diamonds
149. I'll just have another cup of coffee

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