Solberg Einar - 16 (High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve Black 2LP)

In 2023, Einar Solberg (Leprous) commences his solo career with the release of “16” – a collection of intimate but extravagant collaborations with an impressive array of like-minded songwriters and composers, and a large number of musicians helping him achieve this very ambitious album. Wildly diverse but spiritually rooted in Einar’s well-established musical world, “16” is an album that brims with surprises and spinning curveballs. Collaborating with everyone from modern prog contemporaries like Bent Knee’s Ben Levin and Agent Fresco’s Toti Gudnason, to experimental cellist (and regular Leprous live musician) Raphael Weinroth-Browne and Magnus Bormark, best known as a member of Norwegian alt-folk troupe Gate. He also once again collaborates with Ihsahn and Starofash. The sound of a restless spirit in his absolute element, “16” is an extraordinary first foray into solo waters for Einar Solberg.

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Seznam skladeb
1. 16 - Einar Solberg feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne
2. Remember Me - Solberg, Einar
3. A Beautiful Life - Solberg, Einar
4. Where All the Twigs Broke - Einar Solberg feat. Star Of Ash
5. Metacognitive - Solberg, Einar
6. Home - Einar Solberg feat. Ben Levin
7. Blue Light - Einar Solberg feat. Asger Mygind
8. Grotto - Einar Solberg feat. Magnus Börmark
9. Splitting the Soul - Einar Solberg feat. Ihsahn
10. Over the Top - Solberg, Einar
11. The Glass Is Empty - Einar Solberg feat. Toti Gu#nason

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