Weather Report - Tale Spinnin'

  • katalogové číslo: MOCCD 13961
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Weather Report
‘Tale Spinnin’, Weather Reports fifth album opens with “The Man With The Green Shirt”, an outstanding Joe Zawinul composition and classic Weather Report track that embodies the band.
“Lusitanos” is a quintessential Wayne Shorter composition which exhibits all the classic Shorter touches, angular and emotional yet coolly logical in its phrasing. Zawinul’s “Between The Thighs” is a 9:30 min. long tune in the favored mode of the ‘Weather Report Groove’ evincing a more elaborate, suite-like quality in its composition. The interludes are woven together with Zawinul’s magical runs on the keyboards as Wayne Shorter dictates his horn to compliment the music. “Five Short Stories” is a harmonious ending to a great disc.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Man In The Green Shirt
2. Lusitanos
3. Between The Thighs
4. Badia
5. Freezing Fire
6. Five Short Stories

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