Urban Keith - Defying Gravity

Urban Keith Defying Gravity
2009 release from the Country superstar. Keith Urban is an artist in all aspects of the word. He carefully crafts the songs he records, tweaking lyrics and melodies until they are just right. Keith might argue that a song is never perfect, but judging from the rapid success of his latest single, 'Sweet Thing,' fans do not agree. „Defying Gravity comes from the lyrics of a song on the album and it just struck me at the time as a phrase that really defined the joyous, optimistic and uplifting spirit that seemed to show itself while making the album,” says Keith. 11 tracks.

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Seznam skladeb
1. „Kiss a Girl 03:46
2. „If Ever I Could Love 05:00
3. „Sweet Thing 03:48
4. „'Til Summer Comes Around 05:31
5. „My Heart Is Open 05:29
6. „Hit the Ground Runnin' 03:24
7. „Only You Can Love Me This Way 04:07
8. „Standing Right in Front of You 04:01
9. „Why's It Feel So Long 03:24
10. „I'm In 04:33
11. „Thank You 05:14

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