Courtney Barns - 404

Hailed by Rolling Stone as a „stomping, swaggering rock & roll balancing act teetering between blinding light and total darkness,” Barns Courtney releases his newest album, 404, on September 6 by Capitol Records. Barns wrote and produced the 10-song collection with synth wiz and longtime friend Sam Battle. All in all, 404 is a commentary on his journey from awe struck naivety to the dark realization of adulthood. Barns Courtney has already surpassed a half billion cumulative streams globally and is currently touring with Elle King. In between headline dates, he's opened for everyone from The Who and Blur to Ed Sheeran and The Wombats, prompting The Dallas Observer to note, „At the rate he's been performing, it won't be long until he's burned his name into the memory of anyone and everyone who bought a ticket to see someone different.”

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Seznam skladeb
1. Hollow
2. You And I
3. "99"
4. London Girls
5. Fun Never Ends
6. Boy Like Me
7. The Kids Are Alright
8. Castaway
9. Babylon
10. Cannonball

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Courtney Barns - 404

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