Motian Paul - Tribute

The combination of Paul Motian and Charlie Haden was always a guarantee for magical improvisational interaction, and there is much of it in this attractive line-up with the twinned guitars of Sam Brown and Paul Metzke and Carlos Ward's alto sax.

Motian and Haden had previously collaborated with Brown on Keith Jarrett's Expectations album and on Carla Bley's Escalator Over The Hill, and the bassist and drummer had also worked with Carlos Ward on Don Cherry's Relativity Suite. Paul Metzke joined up with Motian after stints with Gato Barbieri's band and Tony Wiliams's Lifetime. The team moves sensitively through Motian's tunes, Haden's "Song for Che", and Ornette Coleman's "War Orphans". Down Beat: "A landmark in the career of an outstanding percussionist? 5 Stars". Recorded 1974.

Personnel: Carlos Ward (alto saxophone); Paul Metzke (guitars); Sam Brown (guitars); Charlie Haden (double bass); Paul Motian (drums, percussion)

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Seznam skladeb
1. Victoria
2. Tuesday Ends Saturday
3. War Orphans
4. Sod House
5. Song For Ché

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