Craddock 'Crash' Billy - Boom Boom Billy - The Rock 'n' Roll Years

This compilation anthologises Billy "Crash" Craddock's early Rock'n'Roll career between 1957-61, including all his Australian hits, a couple of which were never released in the US. Also includes a handful of other collectors' rarities, which have never previously appeared on CD.

Long before his 1970s/80s career as "Mr Country-Rock", with forty hits on the US Country charts, Billy "Crash" Craddock was a teenage Rockabilly/Rock 'n' Roller.

Between 1957-61 he cut a dozen or so 45s for a variety of labels, which have long since become sought-after collectors' rarities.

Several of these were US regional hits, and covered internationally, e.g. 'Ah, Poor Little Baby' (Adam Faith) and 'I Want That' (Johnny Kidd). In an unlikely turn of events he became a massive star in Australia during 1960-61, registering two No.1 records - 'Boom Boom Baby' and 'One Last Kiss' - plus a further half-dozen Aussie hits.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Smacky-mouth (As Billy Graddock)
2. How Does It Feel (As Billy Graddock)
3. Birddoggin' (With The Blue Notes)
4. Millionaire (With The Blue Notes)
5. Ah, Poor Little Baby
6. Lula Lee
7. School Day Dreams
8. Am I To Be The One (For The Last Time)
9. I Miss You So Much
10. Sweetie Pie
11. Blabbermouth
12. Boom Boom Baby
13. Don't Destroy Me
14. I Want That
15. Since She Turned Seventeen
16. (What Makes You) Treat Me Like You Do
17. Letter Of Love
18. All I Want Is You
19. Well Don't You Know
20. One Last Kiss
21. Is It True Or False? (That I'm In Love With You)
22. Little Ole You
23. Heavenly Love
24. Good Time Billy (Is A Happiness Fool)
25. Report Card Of Love
26. Truly True
27. How Lonely He Must Be
28. Ole King Cole
29. A Diamond Is Forever

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