West Dottie - Here Comes My Baby/Dottie West Sings

  • katalogové číslo: MRLL 60
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: West Dottie

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Seznam skladeb
1. Here Comes My Baby
2. Night Life
3. That's Where Our Love Must Be
4. In Its Own Little Way
5. Take Me As I Am (or Let Me Go)
6. No-One Will Ever Know
7. Didn't I?
8. Mama Kiss The Hurt Away
9. Touch Me
10. Mama, You'd Have Been Proud Of Me
11. I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
12. All The World Is Lonely Now
13. No Sign Of Living
14. Happiness Lives Next Door
15. I Can Turn You Every Way But Loose
16. Left-Over Corner Of Your Heart
17. Don't You Ever Get Tired (of Hurting Me)
18. It Just Takes Practice
19. You're The Only World I Know
20. I'll Pick Up My Heart And Go Home
21. (you Took) The Easy Way Out
22. When Two Worlds Collide
23. Getting' Married Has Made Us Strangers
24. If I Can Stay Away Long Enough

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