Walker Billy - Cross The Brazos At Waco

  • katalogové číslo: FI 15657
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Walker Billy

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Seznam skladeb
1. Headin' for heartaches
2. I'm gonna take my heart away from you
3. You're gonna pay with a broken heart
4. You didn't try & didn't care
5. Too many times
6. Dirt 'neath your feet
7. I guess i'll have to die
8. Anything your heart desires
9. The last kiss is the sweetest
10. Alcohol love
11. I ain't got no roses
12. Beautiful brown eyes
13. Don't tell a soul i love you
14. She's got honky tonk blood (in her veins)
15. What would you do
16. Always think of you
17. Ting-a-ling
18. Fifteen hugs past midnight (twenty kisses)
19. Millie darling
20. Anything your heart desires
21. What makes me love you (like i do)
22. One heart's beatin', one heart's cheatin'
23. If i should live that long
24. Stolen love
25. Who took my ring from your finger
26. Back street affair
27. You can talk me out of anything (but you)
28. True love's so hard to find
29. You have my heart now/you know you did
30. The one you hurt
31. I can tell
32. I had a dream
33. I'm looking for love
34. Gal about town
35. I didn't have the nerve it took to go
36. Don't let your pride break your heart
37. Mexican joe
38. Time will tell
39. Headin' for heartaches
40. It hurts too much to laugh
41. I got lost along the way
42. I can't keep the girls away
43. Thank you for calling
44. Candle light
45. Pretend you just don't know me
46. I'm a fool to care
47. Going-going-gone!
48. Kissing you
49. You're the only good thing
50. Let me hear from you
51. Let me hear from you
52. Hey!
53. Fool that i am
54. The record
55. Which one of us is to blame (&jeanette hicks)
56. Let's make memories tonight(& jeanette hicks)
57. Whirlpool
58. Go ahead & make me cry
59. The most important thing
60. Can't you love me just a little
61. Blue mountain waltz (& jeanette hicks)
62. Why does it have to be (& jeanette hicks)
63. So far
64. Little baggy britches
65. Leavin' on my mind
66. I'll never stand in your way
67. Untamed heart
68. Especially for fools
69. If you were happy (then i'm satisfied)
70. Headin' down the wrong highway
71. On my mind again (& the crickets)
72. Viva la matador! (& the crickets)
73. Anything your heart desires
74. I care no more
75. The image of me
76. I need it
77. Where my baby goes (she goes with me)
78. Put your hand in mine
79. It'll take a while
80. It's doggone tough on me
81. Ghost of a promise
82. Love's got a hold of me
83. I dreamed of an old love affair
84. Mr. heartache
85. I thought about you
86. The storm within my heart
87. One way give & take
88. A woman like you
89. I call it heaven (& ray price)
90. Forever
91. Farewell party
92. Changed my mind
93. Gotta find a way
94. I'll be true to you
95. Little lover
96. I wish you love
97. Yes, i've made it
98. Faded lights & lonesome people
99. Just call me lonesome (from now on)
100. Let's think about livin'/alone with you
101. They'll never take her love from me
102. I take the chance
103. Guess things happen that way
104. (remember me) i'm the one who loves you
105. Molly darling
106. Rockin' alone (in an old rockin' chair)
107. Gonna find me a bluebird
108. There stands the glass
109. Jambalaya
110. Charlie's shoes
111. Funny how time slips away
112. Joey's back in town
113. Charlie's shoes
114. Wild colonial boy
115. I know i'm lying
116. The next voice you hear
117. Willie the weeper
118. It's me not them
119. Lovely hula hands
120. Beggin' for trouble
121. Plaything
122. I've got a new heartache
123. Give back my heart
124. Ancient history
125. Thank you for calling
126. The man who had everything
127. These arms of mine
128. Throw me out
129. Storm of love
130. That would sure go good
131. Heart be careful
132. Circumstances
133. It's lonesome
134. The morning paper
135. Coming back for more
136. Cross the brazos at waco
137. Down to my last cigarette
138. It it pleases you
139. I'm so miserable without you
140. Matamoros
141. Samuel colt
142. Blue moonlight
143. Come a little bit closer
144. The gun, the gold, the girl
145. The blizzard
146. Pancho villa
147. Cattle call
148. Amigo's guitar
149. The lawman
150. Buy juanita some flowers
151. I'm nothin' to you
152. Smokey memories
153. Nobody but a fool
154. Pretend you don't see me
155. Don't change

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