Ritter Tex - High Noon - Box

  • katalogové číslo: DI 16356
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Ritter Tex
4cd + book

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Seznam skladeb
1. High noon
2. Pecos bill
3. Dallas darlin'
4. Tehena, timpson, bob and blair
5. Rock and rye
6. The eyes of texas are upon you
7. Boogie woogie cowboy
8. He's a cowboy auctioneer
9. Tennessee blues
10. As long as the river flows on
11. When my blue moon turns to gold
12. When it's springtime in the rockies
13. Buffalo dream
14. The marshall's daughter
15. The san antonio story
16. Let me go devil
17. The long black rifle
18. Brave man
19. Lovely veil of white
20. The best time of all
21. Your heart and my heart are one
22. Prairie home
23. The bandit
24. High noon
25. High noon
26. High noon
27. I've had enough of your two timin'
28. Never mind my tears
29. Waitin' and worryin'
30. I just called to say goodbye
31. Careless hands
32. Ol' shorty
33. Nobody's fool
34. I've got five dollars and it's saturday night
35. Coal smoke, valve oil, and steam
36. Boiled crawfish (at the maurice)
37. Stay away from my heart
38. Wearin' out your walkin' shoes
39. Big blue diamonds
40. From the world of love
41. Three handed woman
42. You're always brand new
43. There's no one to cry over me
44. My bucket's been fixed
45. If i could steal you from somebody else
46. Rock all the babies to sleep
47. The letter edged in black
48. When it's lamplighting time in the valley
49. Go on, get out
50. Hills of pride
51. Everybody likes a lttle lovin'
52. Love you as big as texas
53. My woman ain't pretty
54. Turn around, boy
55. High on a mountain top
56. Deck of cards
57. A beautiful life
58. Hide me rock of ages
59. Thief on the cross\
60. Give the world a smile
61. Onward christian soldiers
62. There shall be showers of blessings
63. Lord, send and angel
64. The touch of the master's hand
65. The pledge of allegiance
66. The gettysburg address
67. The fiery bear
68. Daddy's last letter (a letter from korea)
69. The great american eagle
70. The red deck of cards
71. Jesus loves me
72. I'll be a sunbeam
73. Two little hands/jesus loves the little children
74. Little feet be careful/away in a manger
75. Jesus loves me
76. Merry christmas polka
77. Is there a santa claus
78. Old tex kringle
79. Skybird (pt.1)
80. Skybird (pt.2)
81. Skybird (pt.3)
82. Skybird (pt.4)
83. Coffee pot
84. The green grass grow all around
85. Talk gabbler talk
86. A whole of a tale
87. Animal fair
88. Cactus jackson had a ranch
89. I was born a hundred years ago
90. Thank you
91. Egg-a-bread
92. Big rock candy mountain
93. Yankee doodle
94. She'll becomin' round the mountain
95. I'll be a sunbeam
96. Chicken, my chicken
97. The picnic song
98. The cricket song
99. If you whistle
100. Blue tail, the red fox
101. The noise song
102. Mr.buzzard
103. Carbon, the copy cat
104. One misty moisty morning
105. Muskrat
106. Little wendy why why
107. Has anybody seen my kitty
108. Two little magic words (please and thank you)
109. Pick up after you
110. Happy hands
111. It doesn't hurt a bit to be polite
112. Book

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