Flatt Lester; Scruggs Earl - Flatt & Scruggs 1959-1963

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1. I'm on my way to canaan's land
2. Angel band
3. When the angels carry me home
4. I'll never be lonesome again
5. Get on the road to glory
6. Take me in your lifeboat
7. Bubbling in my soul
8. Heaven
9. Joy bells
10. Give me flowers while i'm living
11. You can feel it in your soul
12. Give mother my crown
13. The great historical bum
14. I've lost you forever
15. Polka on a banjo
16. All i want is you
17. Shuckin' the corn (instrumental)
18. Home sweet home (instrumental)
19. Fire ball mail (instrumental)
20. Cripple creek (instrumental)
21. Reuben (instrumental)
22. John henry (instrumental)
23. Cumberland gap (instrumental)
24. Lonesome road blues (instrumental)
25. Sally goodwin (instrumental)
26. Little darlin', pal of mine (instrumental)
27. Sally ann (instrumental)
28. Bugle call rag (instrumental)
29. I ain't gonna work tomorrow
30. If i should wander back tonight
31. Cold, cold loving
32. Welcome to the club
33. False hearted lover (instrumental)
34. Pickin' in the wildwood (instrumental)
35. The homestead on the farm
36. Foggy mountain top
37. You are my flower
38. Forsaken love
39. The storms are on the ocean
40. Gathering flowers from the hillside (instr.)
41. Worried man blues
42. On the rock where moses stood
43. Keep on the sunny side
44. Jimmie brown, the newsboy
45. Just ain't
46. Where will i shelter my sheep
47. I saw mother with god last night
48. Go home
49. Handsome molly
50. Coal loadin' johnny
51. Hear that whistle blow (a hundred miles)
52. Too old for a broken heart
53. The legend of the johnson boys
54. Good times are past & gone
55. Georg alley's f.f.v.
56. This land is your land
57. Philadelphia lawyer
58. Sun's gonna shine in my back door some day
59. Hear the wind blow
60. I'll be no man's wife
61. Mckinley's gone
62. Nine pound hammer
63. Ellen smith
64. Life of trouble
65. The ballad of jed clampett
66. Hard travelin'
67. The wreck of the old 97
68. Ninetynine years is almost for life
69. Over the hills to the poorhouse
70. New york town
71. Dixie home
72. Pastures of plenty
73. Bound to ride
74. When i left east virginia
75. Drowned in the deep blue sea
76. My native home
77. Coal miner's blues
78. Pearl, pearl, pearl
79. What about you
80. Rambling gambler
81. Mama don't allow it
82. I'm troubled
83. My saro jane
84. The train that carried my girl from town
85. Little birdie
86. You are my flower
87. Po' rebel soldier
88. Old joe clark
89. Sally goodin
90. Black mountain rag
91. Billy in the lowground
92. Twinkle little star
93. Old fiddler
94. Soldier's joy
95. Georgia shuffle
96. Golden slippers
97. Tennessee wagner
98. Salty dog blues
99. Durham's reel
100. Down the road
101. Rainbow
102. Big ball in brooklyn
103. Flint hill special
104. Dig a hole in the meadow
105. I hung my head & cried
106. Hot corn, cold corn
107. Little darlin' pal of mine
108. You can't stop me from dreaming
109. Footprints in the snow
110. The martha white theme
111. I wonder where you are tonight
112. Old macdonald had a farm
113. He will set your fields on fire
114. Let the church roll on
115. Wildwood flower
116. Hear that whistle blow (a hundred miles)
117. Fiddle & banjo
118. Old leather britches
119. Ballad of jed clampett
120. Yonder stands little maggie
121. Reuben
122. Mama blues
123. I know what it means to be lonesome
124. Foggy mountain rock
125. Take this hammer
126. Mckinley's gone
127. Roll in my sweet baby's arms
128. Gotta travel on
129. Mountain dew

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